A strong wind swept across the drenched black sand. The limestone mountains gleaming in the crisp morning air. The entrance close. The razor ’s gears cutting around each cube of solid light. Each surface smooth. The brightest one of all riddled with time shards of these links. 

Aaron Limonick – LA-based concept artist with a range of styles over a range of subject matter for a range of projects that brings you a whole range of awesome.

FarrOut – Kristin Farr has a commanding control of color in her wonderful abstract paintings and murals.

NASA Posters – NASA creates a poster for each space mission. They’re each based on a theme. For instance, Star Wars, Hitchhiker’s Guide, Matrix and others.

Arthur – This motorcycle by Bandit9 was commissioned by Royal Enfield to carry on the legacy of the Continental GT. Leather and chrome never looked so good together.

Remove.bg – Automatically remove a background image, in five seconds, with a single click, and for absolutely free.

Some best of and trends to watch as we leave 2018 and head into 2019

DEATH VAN – It’s a space rock adventure from the space rock duo that just so happens to be unlike any other space rock adventure you’ve ever seen.


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