A small edge was all but was left. We had plenty of rivets though, rivets and enough mech shards to till the thousand acre leek fields. Building back the launchpad would take time, of course, but the body’s internals we’re all intact. New armor and a blast shield would work better this time. This time, we would coat it all with these links.

Laurent Palmier – The science fiction artist and illustrator has been busy this year churning out an enormous amount of new concept ships, rich with color and action.

Going Home – A kind of Monument Valley feel, but a browser-based exploration in story-form which is a journey you provide a small robot after building it.

Gothic Times – Instagram follow of the week. Jason Stieva creates intricate, ghostly sculptures using found objects and skulls. Strangley pirate-ish and symmetrical.

Skys and Moons – Justin Peters is a Graphic Designer and a Digital Surreal Artist doing his thing creating surreal photo manipulations using stock imagery.

Cheesball – And then there’s the surreal gouche paintings of Georgia artist Bill Mayer of animals as humans. birds with human faces and fish floating through the open air.

LEGO Hasselblad 503CX – A full-on, working Hasselblad 503CX designed in LEGO submitted to the LEGO Ideas website by Taiwan-based photoggrapher Helen Sham.

Swatch Bharat – Color swatches of India from graphic designer Kawal Oberoi. Five pages in the series.

Tabasco – How Tabasco Sauce is made. After peppers are grown and mashed, they’re aged in barrels for three years before going on to mixing and bottling. A five-year process altogether.

Phantom Islands – An interactive map of phontom islands reported over the centuries, a different aurel experience for each and a fascinating bit of history.

What’d You Say – A new video from Austin pop-punk band The Sweethearts.

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