The piers ended where the gas vents began. From there, two miles to the ridge and another half mile to the crater. We could see their necks from the boat, weaving and twisting, laced with lava, and skin that glowed like the coals of these burning, red links.

Klaus Wittmann – An excellent cacophony of concept ships, environments, and characters done up with sharp and interesting perspective.

Breathe – Black and White plus 8K time-lapse of storm clouds gathering from photographer Mike Olbinski and the music, Breathe by Ex Makina. Perfect.

Paper Crane-a-day – Instagram follow of the week. Cristian Marianciuc has a particular talent for creating origami paper cranes. You’ll be surprised at the possibilities.

Lilliput – Artist Dina Brodsky paints landscapes and interiors, but some, like these outdoor scenes, are tiny. A mere 2 inches in diameter, and amazing.

Days in Glass – Sculptor Ming Du creates glass sculptures with some effects that almost make it look metallic in nature.

Tape – A new project management tool from Michael Christophersson’s Aeriform, creator of Ramma and other items. Mac OS X only. Windows on the way.

Drips & Blobs – If you like drips and blobs, you will absolutely love these sculptures by Dan Lam.

Another Dimension – NGHTMRE and Dillon Francis team up for a new one released on Mad Decent and, yeah, it’s all kinds of animated messed up-ness.

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