A trip across the roots slowed us down but, gaining speed as we had, we were nary less than 100 meters upon the blast pad. There was something about the sparks as we reached it, seen for a blink as our grapplers sank through the metal. Once we were onboard, stopping the planet melt would be simple–all we have to do is initiate these links.

Josef Anton – I love the scale of Josef’s work, but also the rich attention to technical detail, especially on his ships and vehicles.

Falcon Heavy – Tuesday, history was made. SpaceX launched a successful launch of Falcon Heavy with both booster and core return (vertical) landing. This is the highlight reel.

Shooting a Super Blue Blood Moon – Anonther bit of history this year, the first super blue blood moon. This is how Michael Thomas shot it rising over the London skyline.

Mini Boots – I’d have trouble making a regular size set of leather boots. Hidden Foo is a Beijing based toy designer who makes miniature versions.

Torn City – A bit surreal and a bit Inception. Alex Chinneck creates architectureal installations that will have you questioning what you see and getting a closer look.

Earth, Stone, Sand, Art – James Brunt arranges stone, leaves, soil, sticks and other natural items to create beautiful patterns.

Paint –> Animate – The new release of Quill allows you to paint in VR, and now, animate your creations. This looks incredibly fun.

Monstercat – A lil’ happy hardcore for ya weekend. Always cool to see how mixes are created. DJ Ravine is one of the best at showing you all the tunes used, buttons pressed and dials turned.

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