We barreled down the street, jumpjets and engines spinning pushing dust through the alleyways and sewer grates. There was too little time to escape, adjust footing and fold another clip into the arm canon, but somehow we did it, and in one single action, fired upon the beast with these links.

Tolazzi Swann – Concept artist and illustrator from France with a surreal, dream-like style and a wonderful range of value and color.

GO! 3 – Nigel Sylvester is at it again in the next episode of his POV life as BMX rider. This time from Tokyo.

Stranger Things poster – Kyle Lambert breaks down the process of how he attacked the creation of the iconic Stranger Things poster.

Great Dane Chronicles – Kids and very large dogs. Absolutely adorable these images by photographer Andy Seliverstoff.

Every Country in the World – Interesting and little known facts about every country in the world. Try to keep up.

The Proportioner – Scott Onstott describes how he created the golden ration calipers and provides some very interesting examples.

100 Colors – Emmanuelle Moureaux’s installations of color are a site to behold. Be sure to check out the latest and video.

Privacy Badger – New release of the browser extension from the EFF to protect your privacy from advertisers and other online trackers.

Affinity Photo – The just as awesome $40 alternative to Photoshop just got a huge update with version 1.5.

Blade Runner – Jean-Paul Estiévenart’s new composition is some of the best improvision in jazz that you will put your ear to. Out on Igloo Records.

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