The vacuum separated. The muculent cadence of slivered vasculars enveloped the room as all but the left wall was covered. This was no ordinary rhubarb pie. Where had it been? What ingredients would do this? Had it become infected? Infected by these links?

Tiago Hoisel – Fun, whimsical and also a bit scary. Tiago takes expression to the extreme and immerses you in scenes, shapes and detail that pop off the page.
Maximall – A short that reminds you to be prepared for the worst. This could very well be the most fearsome shopping cart nightmare of all time.
Submarine Cable Map – Important information. Ya know, in case you’re in the North Atlantic and need to know how Greenland and Iceland are wired together.
Zombie Run – Before the zombie apocalypse, why not get prepared? This game actually puts some goals on your paranoia and futile attempt to survive.
The past and future of famous logos – Seems there is a trend… complex to simple. The very best may be Motorola. Brilliant.
Rogue DZN Armadillo:161 – There are things that are badass and then there are things that are badass. One hundred and sixty-one parts of machined awesomeness.
Take me back to your house – To the weekend! Bears, horses and Russian dancing men.The magnificent new video of the magnificent Basement Jaxx.


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