Frogs chirped amidst the flooded bank of a moon-drenched pond. Little was known about when they arrived or whence they came. One thing was certain though, they seemed to grow louder with closer proximity to these links.

Gernot Buder – Incredible work all around but the clean lines and contrast in his concept work (especially the mechs) is what really stands out.

Paris Musees Collection – Over 150,000 new artworks digitized and online for you browse and enjoy.

Ocean Art – The winners of the 2019 Underwater Photo Comp feature a Crab-eater Seal, Sweetlips, Anemone City, and so much more.

Wave Dabs – Speaking of the ocean, the Instagram follow of the week, Golsa Golchini, puts an ocean scene in a dab of paint, from surfers to swimmers, skiers and more.

The Apple Archive – Unofficial (yet thorough) collection of Apple since the beginning, from ads and keynotes, to design and odd music videos.

Octopussi – Drum ring? How about three drum RINGS. Greenbeats percussion ensemble shows you there’s no limit to the number of drummers you can have.

LIVEN 8bit Warps – If you’re into creating electronic music and looking for the latest all-in-one synth, this new one from Sonicware may interest you.

Take the ‘A’ Train – The classic, unlike you’ve ever heard it before. Arranged and played by ‘The Mad Arranger’, Jacob Koller.

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