That’s gotta feel like being attached by wild raccoons with stale pizza crusts. Retreat! Retreat!! take shelter beneath these links fair maiden.

Sibocks 3D Abstract Gallery – Inspiring and also representing the way I fee about right now. Hold the noise down.
50 Free lessons in Graphic Design Theory – ah, you can never have to much theory… or pudding. Here’s the theory portion.
Make Your Own Family First Aid Kit – Ya just never know when you’ll meet a wild boar in the brush. Go for Coconut Water instead of Pedialyte though.
SuperHeadz Demekin Fisheye 110 Camera – Great, a fisheye, pricey… wait a sec, this thin is only $38 – ADD TO CART!
Beyond Life Hacks: Reusable Solutions to Common Productivity Problems – A great approach to practicality in your busy life. – The cool new music service. DRM free music + cheaper prices = awesome.
More Fun With Math– Fun and entertaining mathiness.

Bonus! – Social Media Round-up! – Check Your Username Availability on all the coolest social sites. – Manage all your social sites – Another like Nomee. ‘Content Hub and Identity Management’


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