The piles of wooden legs, metal arms and felt bacon strips was an odd combination to line the corridor. We hadn’t been on board for long, and nearly 45 minutes before they docked, but we knew what they would be seeking. Arm and leg repairs, of course, but they knew the most nutrients would be absorbed from making a smoothie from the felt bacon and these links.

Thomas Chamberlain-Keen – Imaginative and stunning. It’s what pops into the head as the airship, space, and massive worlds pop into your eye.

Transformation – Amazing scan deconstruction of The Bartlett by ScanLAB Projects in collaboration with composer and musician, Eugene Romain.

Tesla Truck – Supercut of Elon Musk announcing the new Tesla Truck and that super cool thing that showed up out the backend afterward.

Cutaways – Great iso cutaways from creative agency DOROTHY. The little worlds in the Apple Mac, Minimoog and Director’s Cut.

Stranger Things 2 Book Covers – Absolutely fabulous. Butcher Billy re-imagined each episode name as a 80s sci-fi book cover and it is just awesome.

Shadows – Instagram follow of the week – Jason M. Peterson takes amazing B&W photos.

Crypto Compare – A handy infographic and other info that compares the main cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin to Ripple and more.

Let You Down – A bit sad, but man can this guy rack the rhymes.

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