He drifted along the rail, not realizing that eventually he would reach the drop-off. There he would find a melon, a melon the size of his head, spitting small seeds and these links at him.

Jake Parker – His style is fresh. Illustration, character, and comics with heavy lines, adventure and more fun that you can poke a inflatable squid sub at.
3D Coloring book for kids – Rotate, paint, animate? YES. An iPad app that’s a great introduction to giving life to drab 3D geometry. Fun too.
Travel Posters for Famous Comic Books – Enjoy wonderful Gotham! Full of crime bosses, filth and a very angry bat.
Zombie Safe houses – You must be prepared. All four concepts are nice, but the SS Huckleberry wins hands down.
The Beastie Boy Guide to More Creative Design – As long as your designs use Roland 808’s, two turntables and a microphone, you’ll be money makin’.
Stormproof matches – I could see these working in your typical rainstorm, but in a cat storm? … I’m not convinced.
Still Lifes – What a little wire can do to inanimate objects.

Bonus! Videos
Zeitgeist 2010 – Google’s Year in Review
Knitting natural Gas – Everything should be covered in yarn.
Inception in real-time – 2.5 hours of weird in 4 minutes, 30 seconds
TRON: LEGACY Daft Punk – You’d be daft to miss this
Star Wars meets the Princess Bride – You are my father, prepare to die.
Bike Jump – T-minus 5 seconds to launch


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