Eight times we ran the code. Line upon line scrolled past, reflected in the hollow glass orbs festooned across its metal skull. The inch-long tusks would jitter occasionally as the eyes shuddered and lit, as if it were anxious to finally catch a glimpse of these links.

Reza Afshar – Wonderful pieces of nearly abstract environments like small splashes of memories along with some black and white pieces that are just stunning.

Rickstaverse – How do you create an interactive multi-dimensional world on Instagram? The Rick & Morty Rickstaverse is the best example you’ll find.

Reikan Creations – While you’re on the Instagram, check out the leafy insects, twiggy beetles, and other natural creations of Raku Inoue.

City Live Sketch – Pietro Cataudella is an Italian artist who mixes his sketches with what he’s actually sketching be it urban settings, famous art, or something completely random.

Ancient Earth – Who knows what ancient earth really looked like, but this is a fun interactive guess that lets you find your address when the world was more water and less land.

Types of Tea – Types of tea.

TANK – The military edition of the Rezvani TANK SUV. B7 level bullet proof armor, 707 HP Hellcat V8, thermal night vision, kevlar wrapped gastank. Oh, and gaskmasks.

Meural – Am electronic froma like no other. Membership brings art from the world’s museums and galleries into your home. On my gift list now.

As One – A percussion duo piece by Gene Koshinski performed by the Quey Percussion Duo (Gene Koshinski and Tim Broscious). In case you want to see more from Gene, visit his website.

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