A tailwind caught the sails. We could do it – cut the reefs and jump the sandbars. We would have to hit the engine cycles perfectly though and make sure the cords held the turnip load. Fear would have overtaken us, but we had plenty of cord, cord made from the sinew of these links.

Vincent Jenkins – Wonderful concept work from the Oxford, UK. A mix of the future and the ancient past and ships that just drench the eyes.

Picular.io – Google, but for colors.

Infra – A while we’re talking colors, these photographs by Pierre-Louis Ferrer will have you wondering how he brings out a single color.

Morning – How was your morning? A film by Corey Rich that will make you think about what you do with your mornings. Oh and shot on the new Nikon Z7.

Wire Hon – Instagram follow of the week. I suddenly feel like digging the action figures out for a little photo shoot like Wire Hon has done, and done extremely well.

Low Pixel Pottery – The pixely pottery goodness of Toshiya Masuda who sculpts everyday objects into their low-res form. via

Hera – This moto. Incredible. As are the other gas and electric designs from the Curtiss Motorcycle Company. See the history under ‘Man’ in the menu.

Signal – Frame by frame, everyday sort of things, things that resonate, produce a signal. A tranquil short with animation and music by Hwang ji Lee.

Carina Nebula – “7,500 light years away and a mind-crushing 300 light years — 3,000 trillion kilometers — across, it’s the site of thousands of stars being born.” Link to full 140 million pixel shot here.

My Blood – Twenty One Pilots with some fresh tunes from the upcoming TRENCH album.

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