The Friday Smackdown is a collection of the best links in art, design, music, and photography we’ve come across over the week. Have one to add? Share it here!

The snow fell against the limbs where we sat; Nothing but the occasional whirring of one of our sentinel’s lens defoggers breaking the crisp air. Though it would be warmer in the suits, we had a better vantage point from the treetops and knew, if the attack did come again, they would come from the porous lip skin of these links.

Vincent Lefevre – Immense and magnificent mix of mechs and melancholic creatures with incredible detail and little surprises in each work.

Centro Verso – Instagram follow of the week. Tom Blachford captures architecture like no one else. Latest shots of Melbourne at night. More on his website.

Paul’s Boutique Sample-fest – Every sample from the infamous Paul’s Boutique by The Beastie Boys. Plus some License to Ill crossover.

Bird friends – Lisa Lloyd constructs intricately detailed bird sculptures entirely from paper. Robins, woodpeckers, and more.

a-l-o-n-e – So calm. These stark, icy shots capture a single object in their cold, misty, or icy environment that just pulls you in.

Deck Skulls – Broken skateboard decks turned into skulls by Roberto Janz.

Deskspace – From the solar system to a solar sun, these handcrafted semi-precious gem recreations of our galaxy’s planets is captivating.

Winter 2019 Mixtape – We’ll close out 2019 with the smooth synths and solid beat mix, 2 hours worth, from Lane 8.

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