Man! this is just stingin’ like crazy! I’d think I’d rather fall on top of a bowl of boiling gravy and incredible links.

Compfight – The best, and I mean, THE BEST, Flickr search tool. good options and fast as milk.
The Drugstore Game – Save hundreds. Seriously. My wife and are are doing this very thing today to get $30 worth of free stuff at Walgreens.
BrandDoozie – Make really slick marketing material for your biz, really fast and really free. Lots of options too.
Trulia Snapshot – A sweet interface for finding a home to buy or land to plant cabbage on. It’s all interactive like. – Cut the security lines at airports and save a ton of time, while mocking those standing in line.
Plants for your health – Plants that will remove toxins from the air, but unfortunately will not remove people from the air.


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