A thick fog enveloped the lake and most of the bank where we stood. Outside of the haze, the dark purple lights of their eyes flickered, trying to adjust, trying to make out our forms shielded by the thin, misty veil; a veil that would hide us as long as the unrelenting fragrance persisted from the cinnamon-infused core of these links.

The Friday Smackdown is a collection of the best links in art, design, music, and photography we’ve come across over the week. Have one to add? Share it here!

Calder Moore – A pleasant array of style and expansive environment art from this Vancouver-based Surface Artist.

Post Malone Custom Spectre – This case! A thing of BEAUTY. Custom Spectre Case build from Singularity Computers, designed by James Passmore. Thanks, James!

Tank Turn – Can an electric truck zero-turn like a tank? The new Rivian EAV can. Donuts and u-turns will never be the same.

Earthworks – Sand dunes at work amongst the walls of humanity. The photography of Helene Schmitz. See her other works as well.

Under Over the Moon – Instagram follow of the week. Artist Nancy Liang creates earthy, simple and quite charming gifs.

The Deep Sea – An interactive scroll adventure from sea level to 10924 meters below, with illustrations of the creatures and explorers along the way.

All I Font For Christmas – 30 days of fonts. Even though it’s the final days of December, you can ‘unwrap’ them all and save a couple for next week.

Best of the Internet 2019 – Daily Dose of Internet brings you a small taste of the best, oddest, and most amazing on the internet over the past year.

Artemis – NASA is going back to the moon. This is their plan for making it happen to lay the foundation for the next voyage, Mars.

Christmas in Bed – A perfect mix from Solumun to wrap up the holidays, ring in the new year, and get you gently back into the work-work-work mode afterward.


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