Lurching forward with the gait of a bow-legged frog, it grappled the starboard blast door, slowing the ship in its departure. Lacking the chin flap fur shavings of the eldersquirrel, we would need to increase rear thruster capacity with a small squeeze of these links.

David Aguero – Massive, wonderful scenes of distant planets, spacecraft, and ancient creatures from this Argentina-based concept designer.

Fanal Forest – Yes, this is a real place. Yes, these are real photos. Located in Madeira, Portugal and photographed by Albert Dros. – Another color palette generator? There cannot be too many. This one is particularly nice. Spacebar for a new one.

Quilling – Instagram follow of the week and your intro to quilling. The colorful paper art of Yulia Brodskaya.

Stallone – A Ferarri concept from designer Murray Sharp. From ideation to airflow consideration to final production renders.

The Falcon – This new electric motorbike from Cleveland Cycleworks is a customizable platform with a super sleek look.

Nuts – A rod going through nuts at different angles. An optical illusion from American magician Jerry Andrus that you can make over the weekend.

Unity Learn – During the COVID-19 lockdown, Unity is offering premium learning content for its game development platform. Start here.

Letting Go While Holding On – Nine Inch Nails has released two albums for free. As one commenter said, the global pandemic now has a soundtrack. Enjoy the weekend.

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