They shone like a blazing sun! Five partridges in gleaming suits of orange, born with the ability to crack a nut at 50 paces. Surely, they were powerful enough creatures to take on these links.

Eddi Del Rio – A handful of bots and beautiful scenes in the painting and illustration of this California concept artist.
Library Slide – I’m in love with this library / slide. I can’t decide if I want to read, slide or both at the same time. Thanks Eric!
Acronyms and Initals – What do those letters mean? What do those letters in between those names mean? All that and more in this Mental Floss list show.
Moon switch – What if other planets switched places with the moon? Well, this is almost exactly what you would see.
Oblivion World – Traveling from lands of Iceland and Hawaii to creating skyscapes and light tables, the Creators project takes a look at the world of Oblivion with director Joe Kosinski.
Amazing places – Do these places really exist? They do. 22 locations captured in photographs that look more surreal than real.
Tuna Melt – Rube Goldberg at its best. A-Trak & Tommy Trash present the official “Tuna Melt” music video. High res, high volume, straight into the weekend.


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