Somehow, we were able to chop our way through the tendrils. As they grew back, a vocalizing noise of business lingo, land management deals and making strawberry metropolitans echoed around us–apparently an affect of consuming the entire downtown business district, too many printer cartridges and these links.

Kevin Peterson – A contrast of innocence against a worn, ragged world, but with a strength and individually independent spirit rising above.

JEWOW – Swiss Beatbox presents JEWOW and his weirdass beatbox sounds, part of the Grand Beatbox Battle 2016, Studio Sessions. Links to more in the description.

Emin Asgarov – THe odd and delightfully surreal woodcarvings of Baku-based artist Emin Asgarov.

Square Flowers – I don’t think Baku Maeda likes the regular shape of flowers, but I do like how he has dealt with that by giving them more defined edges.

Crosley Turntable – I’ve missed my turntable and it’s about time to show the kids what recorded music use to sound like. Multiple colors too.

DIY Matchstick Gun – Weekend project fun with Mr. Gear where he shows you how to take a pencil and a battery to make a matchstick gun.

HooToo VR Headset – At $24.99 (69% off) this VR Headset is one to whet your appetite if you’re at all interested in going more immersive.

Lone Figures – The isolation shot as demonstrated in… a lot of movies. Wide-angled, spectacular, and many you’ll likely recognize.

Ride A’Rolla – Anthens, Georgia pop-punkers with their catchy title song video from their debut, full-length album Ride A’Rolla.


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