When you’re running you don’t expect the guttural sound of an ogre. You definitely don’t expect it to stop you in your tracks. I had been running through that park for years, hearing rumors of a horrible, skin-shedding shriek, but I dismissed it until I saw it, heard it, standing there, holding these links.

João Antunes Jr. – Bit o’ color here. Cyberpunk characters, worlds, robots and suits drenched in thick lines and color.

Liz Climo – Ah, the wonderful, little world of liz climo. Animals and cuteness and lots of animal cuteness.

Calligraphr – Make a font out of your own handwriting. Provides character randomization, ligatures, templates and more.

Wallflowers – Beautifully intricate flowerheads to hang on the wall, created by Vanessa Hogge from porcelain and black stoneware.

Axe cop – This amazing series came out in 2012. We missed it. Thank you, Jude Pullen, for bringing it to our attention!

Approaching Jupiter – Well, hello Jupiter.

200+ Art Books – View or download over 200 modern art books fron the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Filter by topic, publisher, language.

Escape – A new animation from Dolby Laboratories to follow their award-winning short, Silent.

Minecraft in Real Life – What if real animals were shaped like the animals in Minecraft? Aditya Aryanto imagines it. Or view on Instagram with more of his photo manipulations.

Brick Block – Oh man. Why, oh why, is this so much fun. A fun brick building game.

Helsreach – A unofficial, yet wonderfully animated Warhammer 40k fan story with voiceover from the audio book Helsreach.


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