The cones of bear fur lined the cavern ledges. Though they seemed uniform and color sorted, it was quickly apparent why we had heard the noises and rumbles from this place. One by one, we saw, hidden at first but there in the fur, the glowing eyes of these links.

Nik Henderson – Fabulous! Loads of beautiful line work and color in these 2D illustrations of ships, vehicles and more from the Savannah, Georgia based artist.

The Bet Losing Machine – It took him four months of building, and 297 fails but after losing a bet the tabletop machine was finally finished. And he has many more.

Film Color Palettes – A lovely array of films and the colors that, many time, define their characteristic look and appeal.

Craft Beer Branding Guide – The all important process of branding your delicious beverage with everything to consider along the way.

Feedboxes Live – Krzysztof Cybulski demonstrates Feedbox that samples the music as it’s played to provide the musical accompaniment.

2048 – A prequel short, taking place between Bladerunner 2019 and the Bladerunner 2049 sequel, with events leading up to the discovery. Two others too.

Star Trek Discovery – The story from composer Jeff Russo as he leads a 60-piece orchestra in the modern interpretation of the classic.

Powderfinger – New one from his Hitchhiker album with his classic sound and watercolor visuals.

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