There were elbows. Not just elbows, but the thick skin of elbows, poking up through the surface of the ground. Now, there’s one thing a bean sprite doesn’t like, and that’s when you step, scrap or trip upon the elbows of the sycamores they’re sworn to protect. Every vibration, every damage, it felt through these links.

Mike Azevedo – These characters! Mike is the master, a Concept Artist and Illustrator from São Paulo, and his work is magnificent. Love them ALL.

Balloon Art – There are balloon animals and then there are balloon animals. Masayoshi Matsumoto is a Japanese balloon artist who will astound you.

Photomicrography – The art of the microlens. These are the entries for Nikon’s 2017 photomicrography contest. Top 20 and honorable mentions.

Electric Dreams – Trailer to the new Amazon Prime anthology series based on the works of Philip K. Dick. This looks stupendous.

Graphite Zoe – Zoe Keller is a serial graphite artist and absolutely kills it as seen in these timelapse examples of her work. More.

Reformation Mystery – It was just discovered that a 17th-century painting hanging in the hallway of Yale Divinity School hide other figures, and just in time for the 500th anniversary of  Luther’s 95 Theses.

El Orfelinato – Abandoned Jewish orphanage in Ortaköy, Istanbul is cutaway by oddviz using photogrammetry with this amazing dollhouse view.

Lune Rouge – Music is becoming more with VR. TOKiMONSTA’s new album is the first full-length VR album with a world inspired by the album’s artwork. Find on Steam here.


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