The tundra trails wound through the brush, dusted in the sticks of fallen trees and the fancy winter people’s sculptures of clay and ice. We had to find the blue one though, darker and slightly larger than the others, glowing with rich, sticky gum juice of these links.

Alejandro Burdisio – You’ve not seen flying car ships like this. Mash-ups of the vintage and future with robot villages, cityscapes and giant battles thrown in.

Zsolt Hlinka – Instagram follow of the week. He has a thing for perspective and symmetry, which is cool because I have a thing for perspective and symmetry.

Chalking About – David Zinn is one of those cool guys who does 3D chalk street art, but not like others. This is him talking about the process.

Visual Search – Pond5 released their AI-driven visual search that matches what ever you upload with their massive database of images and video.

924 Bel Air – Bruce Makowsky set out to make the most amazing Billionaire homes with the budget of “No Budget” and the requirement of only the best.

Banana Carving – It’s a thing. And Stephan Brusche is the Netherlands-based artist applying his craft to the foundational fruit.

Lazy Gourmet – What fun with fake grocery signage looks like. Each post/prank on Obvious Planet is a delight. This one is frozen dinners for lazy people.

Procedural Creatures – Watch the videos here, then read the details – really interesting details and thoughts about the next generation of CG software.

Latent Cycles – A musical loop experiment by Tero Parviainen that uses Google Magenta MusicVAE model to explore different combinations of melodies and harmonies.

One Nation Under Laser – A little augmented reality 2D animation in a new one from Dada Life.

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