When the opening collapsed and the purple sludge seeped past the ivy-lined crevices, time almost seemed to stop, frozen in a moment where we could neither see the other side nor extract the bag of happy from its resting place behind the swollen kneebone of these links.

Dániel Taylor – Rich, surreal, 3-dimensional, cel-shaded illustration style with careful color, gradients, and composition that grabs you by the eyes.

Case of the Missing Hit – We rarely share podcasts, but this is excellent. The mystery of a lost pop song that seems to have vanished from the world. Listen while you browse everything else.

Single Paper Zine – How to make a small (maga)zine from a single sheet of paper, inspired by the What’s a zine book, author Austin Kleon shows you how.

Subpar Parks – Instagram follow of the week. Artist Amber Share created these national Park posters based on bad reviews left by visitors. Hilarious.

Mammals 2020 – Mammal photography of the year winners. Foxes, hares, dolphins and more, in their natural habitats.

Urban Melancholy – Berlin has the most bridges in Europe. Here are some of them as photographed by Alexander Shoenberg.

Pen Tool Box Method – Ever wonder how to use the Pen Tool in Illustrator or Photoshop? This is a method for creating shapes quickly.

Playtronica – Online sampler to play a range of sounds with your keyboard.

9-5 – The Dolly Parton hit played with five different horns… by one person, the amazing Seb Skelly. Will put a smile on your face.

Crazy – Appropriate song title for a week like we’ve had, wouldn’t you say? The amazing finger-style guitar work of Kent Nishimura.

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