15 million water spouts dripped against a noticeable stench rising out of the eroded interior of the last great Puchaungle warrior’s shell. Hollow, crumbles of metal flakes fought floating against the drops and every once in a while the sounds all came together like a song, a song sifting a course, asking for these links.

Stefan Misirdzhiev – Schooled in traditional art techniques with the abilty to drop creatures shots and incredible concept ships like nobody’s business.

Share Textures – Free 4k textures for any use. Thousands. From abstract and animals to wall and wood.

Sans forgetica – An free, aptly named, font that is “scientifically designed to help you remember your study notes.” A nifty making of video and a Chrome browser extension to boot.

Changeling Blossom – The sculptures of Amy Sol. Hauntingly calm both human and animal.

Porsche 70th – The 70th Anniversary Auction of RM | Sotheby’s and the 372 pages of all things Porsche that will be auctioned off at the end of October.

Star Wars Toys – Photographer Felix Hernandez snagged some Infinity Star Wars characters and shot some dreamy film-style shots of the crew.

Snowbasin – Pretty much want to go to Utah now. Justin McFarland’s drone footage of the fall colors over Ogden Valley, Utah.

everything that could have been but wasn’t, now is – Paper? Nope, aluminum.

The Kolakoski Sequence – a string of 1s and 2s that writes itself based on the premise that each block of numbers will be a successive iteration of the previous.

“Random” color harmonies – A wonderful codepen by David A. that provides a group of six randomly generated colors that play quite well together.


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