The ink-spun articles flew by the wind, caught by the branches of locust. Sands and soils of ancient people blew while a gear’s grinding drew in the weight of minute’s time. And there, in the filtered light, fur blazing, holsters tilted, triggers ready, with red eyes of fury targeting a mound of melon balls topped with these links.

J.C. Park – Just a massive array of work across many genres. I particularly and absolutely love his ship, air, and space craft work.

Gömböc – The shape that shouldn’t exist.

ostdrossel – Instagram follow of the week. The amazing colors and character of our fine featured friends as photographed by Lisa.

Inconsiste – The sculpture of Daniele Sigalot looks like crumpled paper but is actually painted sheets of aluminum.

Charlie – I find cats disturbing, but this 4-part series of artwork by Lola Dupre takes it to a new level.

Alessi – The sound design of Chiara Luzzana. Various project including this capturing an array of metal orchestrations.

Aquarium – Even before you enter the site, enjoy a color-ridden journey of scrolling delight. Designed by At Lebdev Studio.

BKABF – If you enjoy indie-art and/or indie zines/books, the Brooklyn Art Book Fair is virtual with all book/art online.

Model Rocket Launch Fails – And SpaceX thinks it has challenges.

Giant LEGO Go-Kart – Matt Denton’s latest 3D printing project is one for the books: A drivable human-size LEGO Go-Kart.

Knotty Pine Cedar Chest – Their attractive Americano woodwork of an array of flags from the US and state flags to Firefighter and Police flags.

Green Man – Everything’s Gone Green was a single released in 1981 by New Order. This is a new video of the remastered song.

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