photos of citiesNo… wait… yeah, here they come! Get me my cane ya coot! These links are crawlin’ up on my face and making a durn mess of my astigmatism.

We heart places – Do you absolutely love that one place you went? share it here, see others, plan some trips. too cool.
Visions 3D image management – Browse and view in 3D, edit, design and even share your crazy photos. These apps do it all.
Tropics – A new demo and video from the makers of the Unigine real-time 3D engine. Works with all that DirectX9, 10 and OpenGL stuff.
Google Chrome Browser – THE new internet browser launched by Google that made more than a few small waves this week. It’s hot but needs work.
Nikon D90 DSLR – The newest camera from Nikon. 12.3MP, records HD video. If I could buy you all one of these I would. It’s already available at Amazon. *droool*
Teenormous – a search engine… for SHIRTS. So many shirts, so little time. This just makes sense.


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