I agree. It’s usually smaller mammals that shoot bolts of electricity from their eyeholes, but those stale fruit balls and these links have changed everything.

Adam Tredowski – Adam has the whole 3D, art and sci-fi thing down with his surrealistic perspective on structures. wow.
Evolution of Spy Gadgets – You’re sneaky. really sneaky. I mean I didn’t even see you over there, until you did that ninja move. Thanks Joe!
Top Ten Chuck Norris Shirts – Yes, he will do a round-house kick through your face, unless you have one of these babies on. 90% chance of PAIN.
Best Action Sequence EVER – And when I say ‘Best’ I mean, it’s easily the worst, most painful piece of footage ever filmed.
Go2Web20 – So you want the cool web 2.0 schtuff? This has got it in beautiful web 2.0
Lifeblob – A fun and inextricably social way of keeping track of all your antics with words photos and video. The way timelines should be.
ThruYou – What’s better than cool YouTube videos? YouTube videos mixed together to make something incredible.

Bonus!Brain Dump – I’m a big fan of mom blogs now. yes. This is good about to-do list. I’d add, knock the little 2 minute task off first, quick as you can. Then focus on two to accomplish each day.


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