Jake Gevorgian, founder of Palo Arte Woodworks, is a master of the woodturning craft. His YouTube channel is filled with tons of projects where he carves out various pieces from solid wood blocks—relaxing videos where you just want to indulge in watching an object take form:

This project, in particular, is a small goblet carved from a spare piece of chestnut wood. Jake starts off by carving the initial rounded shape into the square wood block. It actually takes quite a number of cuts to transform the majority of the wood into a smooth circular goblet, but once finished, he gets to carving out the liquid-holding enclosure.

He works with a tiny hole in the center of the goblet, then makes his way outwards; fine-tuning the shape as it gets bigger. Since his carving tools are propped up by a support somewhere in the middle of the piece of wood, Jake only needs to work with half of the goblet’s geometry to get a uniform shape.

After sanding the inside, Jake makes a mark in pencil on the outer side to determine where the liquid enclosure will end and where the handle of the goblet begins. He then gets to chipping off portions of the goblet until a slim handle starts to appear.

He adjusts the shape of the handle to make it look more sophisticated before carving out the base of the goblet. Once both are done, he gives the entire thing a good sanding and some polish to make it fit for the dining room.

Jake finishes the project by cutting out the base from the excess wood. Finally, after carving the base so it won’t topple, he finishes by sanding and polishing to ensure that it matches the rest of the goblet.

The entire video is almost 32 minutes in length, so I suggest watching it at a sped-up pace. To see more woodturning wonders, Jake Gevorgian’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove.


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