I know, I know. We go a little LEGO crazy at times, but can you blame us with 400,000 piece VW van projects? You may recall the LEGO Nintendo Switch cartridge carrying case we shared. A simple build, but sometimes you just need a simple one to contrast the complex month-long builds. Reddit user squid50s is at it again with a new case for your Nintendo Switch games. His newest build takes inspiration from the 2001 Nintendo GameCube, the under-appreciated game console which had just as many exclusive games as it had chances of being mistaken for a home appliance.

To mimic the tiny console, this even tinier LEGO case is made from purple and black LEGO pieces and, unlike the Nintendo Switch case where he had to email LEGO directly for certain parts, the LEGOs for the GameCube can easily be purchased at a store, found in your vacuum bag, or stuck to the bottom of your foot.

lego gamecube switch cartidge holder
18 Sreps, in all their glory.

Since the GameCube has a more cubed design (hence the name), this particular carrying case is actually smaller than squid50s LEGO Nintendo Switch case. Not only does it take fewer LEGO bricks to make, but the overall shape allows you to store it more easily. The only downside is the GameCube case can only store up to five Nintendo Switch games, as compared to the Switch case which holds a few more.

As with the Nintendo Switch case, squid 50s has posted step-by-step directions on how to recreate this crafty, blocky case for your (or your friend’s/kid’s/neighbor’s) Nintendo Switch cartridges in a quick 18-step build. You can find a good overview of this and his other cases here.


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