Back in May of 2013, SolidSmack reported on a couple that found themselves in a horrible predicament: they wanted to bake a birthday cake for a beloved friend, however they didn’t have an oven. Being the design savvy couple that they are, a 3D printed cake of their own design seemed like the best alternative. After a period of trial and error that lasted well beyond the friend’s birthday, they managed to print their friend ‘Chelsea’ a cupcake-top decoration that spelled her name in cursive sugar. Not surprisingly, Chelsea loved it so much that the college couple Kyle and Liz von Hasseln decided they would set out to bring 3D printed sugar to the masses post-graduation. Thus, The Sugar Lab was officially born and in September of 2013, the couple sold their technology to 3D Systems. Recently, the two gave a TED talk at the TEDx Manhattan Beach conference…here’s the story of their awesome and inspiring journey.

“We Didn’t Own an Oven, But We Owned a 3D Printer”

The cupcake topper that started it all:01

Billing themselves as a ‘micro-design firm for custom 3D printed sugar’, Kyle and Liz’s backgrounds in architecture and complex geometry suits them well in creating highly-detailed geometric structures for the confection set:

YouTube video











To find out more about Kyle and Liz, head over to The Sugar Lab.

(Images via The Sugar Lab)


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