While no one can deny the convenience of the common water bottle, most designs aren’t exactly bag-friendly. Think about it: most water bottles are round – which goes against the geometry of almost everything inside your bag.

How about having a water bottle that’s square?

That’s the idea behind the memobottle. Initially released in 2014, this flat, BPA/BPS-free plastic container was designed to fit easily inside your bag and reduce the need for one-time, disposable bottles.

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Now the memobottle is back with a brand new look for all its sizes. It now has a food-grade, 304 stainless steel design and is powder-coated with satin to make it scratch-resistant. In relation to this, the stainless steel memobottle will be available in matte black and matte white. You also have four sizes to choose from.

These are the new additions to the original set of features of memobottle. These include the easy-to-clean lid, an internalized thread and machined mouthpiece, but most important of all, the debossed logo showing the type of the memobottle you have.


The A7 memobottle is the smallest of the bunch and has a carry capacity of 250 ml (8 oz). Next up is the A6, which can fit into your handbag and carry up to 500 ml (16 oz). The last and biggest bottle in the A-Series is the A5 – which looks about the size of a man purse and can hold up to 1050 ml (33 oz) of liquid. Finally, there’s the Slim memobottle – named so because of its tall and skinny stature. This one can hold up to 600 ml (20 oz) – putting it in between the A6 and the A5 in terms of capacity.


You may be wondering how on Earth someone is supposed to clean a memobottle, what with its small opening. Turns out all you need are some cleaning tablets! Pop one of these in your memobottle once a month with some water, shake it up, and the inside of your memobottle will be ready to hold more liquids.


I’d like to think others will use the memobottle to up their water intake and not just use it to hide their liquor, but that’s just wishful thinking. No matter what people plan to use it for, there’s no denying the stainless steel memobottle will be just as big a hit as its predecessor. It already surpassed its US$20,000 goal on Kickstarter and is currently hovering at a mark of US$490,453!


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