We all love our smartphones. And sometimes, living without them seems impossible. Heck, I’m holding mine right now and the only thing stopping me from kissing it is the sensitive touchscreen.

But after seeing this deep cleaning video collaboration by Insider and phone and tech repair business Phone Repair Craft, I might just think twice before putting my lips to my prized handheld computer.


While its main webpage hosts a variety of power banks, adapters, cables, and other phone accessories, Ireland-based Phone Repair Craft’s main claim to fame are its deep cleaning services. This all started when owner Julius Kaveckas posted a number of videos on TikTok which showed him cleaning a bunch of iPhones, laptops, and other smartphones with the aid of a microscope and some fine tools.

Now the Phone Repair Craft TikTok page has a current 1.9 million followers, all of whom find satisfaction in Kaveckas’ strange but essential line of work.

Let’s look at how he fixes an iPhone with a broken touchscreen, shall we?

Popping Off The Screen And Cleaning The Insides

smartphone deep cleaning

You’ve most likely seen or used a smartphone with a broken screen at one point in your life. When you see the inside of this iPhone, you’ll never want to do it again.

Using a phone with a cracked screen leaves its insides open to contamination. Dirt, pocket lint, dead skin – every little thing your phone comes into contact with has the potential of seeping through those cracks and making it inside your phone’s electronics.

To remedy this, Kaveckas has to first pop off the cracked screen and scrape every bit of dirt inside the phone with a very fine tool. Once the unwanted elements are loosened, he cleans up using a compressed air to push out the excess dirt and debris.

Purging The Ports And Holes      

smartphone deep cleaning

According to Kaveckas, the dirtiest parts of the smartphone have to be the charging ports, speakers, and any other exposed holes on the exterior. This comes as no surprise, as there is no covering on these tiny holes which are used on daily basis.

What you may not know is how dirt and other debris can negatively affect your phone’s performance. Clogged charging ports can slow or even prevent your phone from charging, while clogged speakers output muted sound.

Just like with the dirt-filled insides, Kaveckas takes his microscope and fine toothpick-like tools and gets to scraping off the particles inside and around the smartphone’s various holes. Once he can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnels, he blasts the holes with some compressed air to clean them out.

Swapping Broken Parts For New Ones

smartphone deep cleaning

Apart from the broken screen, this particular iPhone suffers from a swelling battery. Kaveckas swaps this one out for a brand new power supply before applying new display adhesive to the phone. Finally, the last few screws are set in place and the phone is ready to be returned to its rightful owner.

Kaveckas says the joy in this profession is taking something which is deemed unfixable by other shops and fixing it. Much like a puzzle needing to be solved, he finds a sense of satisfaction whenever he pops in that final piece and restores order in what was once electrical chaos.

You can check out the Phone Fix Craft for their various accessories and cleaning services (if you’re in Ireland), but if you want to see more deep cleaning videos, you want to head over to the company’s TikTok page.


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