There’s a strange satisfaction in watching stuff get broken down. From cars getting compacted to paper getting shredded – it’s just so gratifying to see the process by which something gets physically changed.

So when the folks over at Mr. machine got their chance to try a scrap metal shredder, they turned the camera on and started using it in every way possible:

YouTube video

The two-shaft shredder made quick work of the common plastic items. Toy dolls, cars, and mats were shredded with a satisfying, bubble wrap-like sound while sturdier plastic marbles practically exploded with deafening pops. Since the shredder is designed to mash metal, plastic and wood items the team used stood no chance against this monster of a machine.

scrap metal shredder

Now, the metal items that are more interesting to shred.

Hollow metal objects like cylindrical pipes, trays, and even bullet casings popped and got crushed just as easily as the plastic subjects, but the solid metal ones were mangled a bit differently.

scrap metal shredder

A metal wrench had bent and bounced around the top of the shafts as if it was refusing to be completely crushed by the scrap metal shredder. After a few moments, the wrench was swallowed like a piece of chewy candy by the shredder!

scrap metal shredder

Crushing rebar had a similar outcome. Though the scrap metal shredder was able to chip off bits of the tip, pushing the rebar any further would just cause the shredder to jam and break. The only way to crush solid metals effectively is to use a stronger shredder!

scrap metal shredder

Popping a diamond into a scrap metal shredder, on the other hand, is ill-advised as it will most likely break your machine and cause untold collateral damage to your surroundings. It’s lucky the shape of the diamond wouldn’t allow it to fall in between the teeth of the shredder but if it did, I’m pretty sure this thing would cause more damage to the machine rather than the other way around!

The Mr. machine YouTube channel is full of videos to whet your shredding appetite, but please don’t try doing this at home. Watch trained professionals do it instead!


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