Different pillow types fit different people. I, for instance, like rock-hard pillows and can’t stand pillows that are too soft and airy. You might think the opposite, which is why pillow companies work tirelessly to create a wide variety of choices for those with distinct sleeping patterns and behaviors.

There have been countless attempts to create the “perfect pillow” which fits everyone, but Franky’s Pillow might just be one of the few that have come close.

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Despite its name, Franky’s Pillow isn’t just for founder Frank Stoel. It’s designed for optimal adjustment of the thickness and firmness by adding or removing different layers, allowing you to customize the pillow to whatever you’re feeling at the moment. It’s similar to how multiple foam densities are used in high-end seating and furniture design.

franky's pillow

For the foam in this pillow, soya and orange blossom oils are manufactured into natural foam for the pillow to provide optimal neck support. Unlike memory foam, this material keeps its shape for a long time while always conforming to your neck and head while you rest. This allows the pillow to adapt to any sleeping position and body type.

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The top layer uses a grid-like structure that allows air to pass through, making it more flexible. No matter how many layers you add to the Franky’s Pillow, it is advised you should always put this piece on top.

franky's pillow

The outer cover (the part which makes contact with your skin) is made from bamboo and TENCEL fabric. This breathable fabric keeps you sweat-free at night, is super soft, and most importantly, is machine-washable.

franky's pillow

The ability to add and remove layers to Franky’s Pillow makes it feel more customizable than any single pillow which claims it fits everyone. No matter how messed up your sleeping position and habits, this pillow will always conform to whatever way you lie down.

Franky’s Pillow is currently on Kickstarter, and has over $30,000 funded out of its $11,791 goal. If you’ve shopped other mid to high-end comfort pillows, like MyPillow, Purple and others, the price will be in your range, especially with Earlybird specials still available.


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