If someone has ever asked you to build something out of plywood and the first thing you thought of is giant robot, you will love this. What? You’ve never thought that? You need to reconsider your priorities. At the top of that ‘Things to build with plywood’ list should be a robot. Our model this week will get you started.

Jacques Cartier is a Bastion fan. “Brzz Beep Boop Wrzztl!” Bastion is a transforming robot and one of the heroes of the popular Overwatch first-person shooter game. (If you haven’t experienced the carnage in Overwatch, I highly recommend it.) Jacques designed and cut the pieces to a cool, little lasercut version of the character that may inspire ideas of building something larger.

Though the game version is capable of transforming into different modes, this model isn’t articulating. However, Jacques is working on a version that is, but maybe you can beat him to it, yes?

He has provided a preview of the 3D model here on A360 to give you an idea of how the pieces fit together. On that page you can download the .FBX file of the 3D model (or directly here). The files are available in .AI, .SVG  and .DXF. He used 3mm plank in his first ~4″ smaller version and 6mm plank for the ~9″ larger version.

lasercut bastion overwatch model
Even the assault cannon on this lasercut Bastion model looks cool.

Snag a bottle of wood glue. Though a lot of small pieces, this will be a fun build, and one that provides a good template for the 10 foot tall version you’re thinking of. You can download the model files on Thingiverse (or the smaller version here) and view the limb-by-limb assembly instructions on Instructables. (Bonus! While you’re at it, check out Jacques’s impressive Lasercut Tank!)

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!

lasercut bastion overwatch model


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