Have you ever seen Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller music video and said, “Hey! I can do that!” Well, with the advances in cinematography, special effects, and costume design since the video first came out in 1983, I’m pretty sure you can. But while a working adult such as yourself has access to the know-how and resources to make a music video (not to mention an actual budget), kids don’t have such luxury without the help of their parents.

YouTube video

Here enters LEGO Vidiyo – a music video-making experience that makes use of augmented reality and LEGO bricks to help kids slide into the crazy world of the music industry.

LEGO Vidiyo

It all starts with you (or more accurately, your kids) downloading the LEGO Vidiyo app onto your smart device. Once installed, you select one of many family-friendly songs from a variety of artists under the partnered Universal Music Group (such as Imagine Dragons and Marshmello) and begin your music video-making journey.

LEGO Vidiyo

Now, this is where it gets interesting. Using the same aforementioned app, you then scan a LEGO mini-figure to star in your music video followed by what LEGO calls “BeatBits”. These 2×2 bricks correspond to the different AR elements you want in your video. And if you want a specific filter or visual effect, simply scan a BeatBit. How about a new dance move for your minifig? There’s a BeatBit for that, too!

LEGO Vidiyo

Once you’ve scanned the BeatBits you want to use for your music video, you can now set the elements to the backdrop of your kitchen, backyard, or garage and have your kids dance away with a life-size replica of the minifig. You don’t really need to dance along with the music, as the LEGO minifig busts a move just fine, but it’s nice to give them some company. Edit the video afterward and voila! You’ve just become a music video director!

What’s even cooler about this is that while your kids can enjoy the edited videos locally, you can take a shot at fame and upload your music vids to the Vidiyo app and have complete strangers watch and rate them. And since this is a LEGO app, videos will have to first pass a strict moderation test before being uploaded. That means no privacy-breaching information or risqué business allowed! Sweet!

LEGO promises more information on their new music directing experience this coming March 1. We’ll be sure to post a follow-up once more details have been announced.


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