Pencils. They’re all the rage with kids these days. You can write with them, draw with them, chew on them and absorb the graphite directly into your blood stream. Unfortunately, the common pencil is a bit drab. So to prevent someone from becoming offended at that drabness and stabbing the pencil in your jugular, there’s a simple solution solved by what people are calling, “the 3D printing”… Pencil grips. The crew at materialise put on a contest and gathered a mix of the best pencil grips to adorn your bare writing utensil and in doing so have delivered one more application that 3D printing excels at–making people insanely jealous of your badass pencil grip.

Pimp your pencil, indeed

How many ways are there to create a 3D printed pencil grip? Four. Four or five. Depends on who you talk to. There are, in reality, and endless number of shapes you could form around a pencil, comforting your numbs for endless hours of correspondence. Materialise shows us four they chose from their competition and we agree, they are quite pimp.

Those are cool, however, they left one out, the dragonbite grip by materialise’s very own user Vangelis and Dinos. Personally, I think this one is better than all the rest. Reason 1: It’s a dragon head with a pencil tip shooting out of its mouth. Winner. This one was the original inspiration for the contest and rightly so–It’s ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand. An ergonomically designed dragon head for your pencil. Doesn’t get better than that friends. You can view the other entries to the contest here. Inspired to make your own now?



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