There’s just something about the smokey, outdoorsy smell and flavor of well-grilled foods that get me. But as summer ends and the weird weather approaches, chances to cook on an outdoor grill become few and far between. So instead of hoping for good weather, why not bring the grill inside your home?

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Flagship Light isn’t another pan or skillet you need to buy. Instead, it takes your preexisting 10 and 12-inch bottom skillets and effortlessly turns them into cast iron grills.

This 1 cm thick (0.4-inch) piece of cast iron is machined to be as thin and light as possible. Those iconic ridges (which give the telltale signs that the food has been grilled) are actually leveled, allowing the fats and liquids to drain to the outer area of the pan. This also lets the entirety of the piece of food be equally heated and cooked properly, making for some really fine grilled foods.

Even if you don’t own a skillet (or if you just feel like using it), the Flagship Light can also be used as it is. That said, you can directly use this piece of cast iron onto your kitchen stove or simply place it on top of any outdoor fire to grill some fine foods.

Moreover, campers and outdoorsmen can easily carry the Flagship Light in their packs without taking up too much space since it is so thin and lightweight.

Flagship Lights are non-stick and you can easily clean them with some hot water. If you don’t want to burn yourself on a searing hot piece of metal, there are also some stainless steel Easy Grips which you can get. This should allow you to move the Flagship Light around without touching it.

This cast iron attachment is currently live on Kickstarter, where it has already raised more than 20 times its initial US$5,000 goal. Now, it has whopping funding of US$101,872. The reason? Well, I guess people just really love their grilled foods!


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