You’re slouching. It’s so bad sometimes, it looks like your arms are trying to escape your body. *Roll your shoulders BACK* There we go. That should last a few seconds. If you need a reminder, the Slouch Alert is a DIY device that electrocutes you vibrates when you start to slouch.

Slouch Alert was created by Instructables user Lara Grant who’s famous for other projects like the high five collector and sled suit. For a seemingly simple device, the build is quite involved requiring the attachment of an Arduino to your shirt and an extensive amount of sewing and ironing. Honestly, hiring an old lady to stand next to you and slap you when you slouch would be an easier option. For those interested though, here’s the breakdown.

DIY Slouch Alert Project

The DIY Slouch Alert circuit is fairly simple, using a LilyPad ‘vibe board’ connected to a switch, an Arduino, a LiPo battery, and some handmade flex sensors, all linked together by iron-on conductive fabric.

When those flex sensors sense your shameful slouching habit, it vibrates to make sure you straighten up. Another ingredient is, of course, the t-shirt, where you’ll sketch the circuit and attach everything. This is where I think a shoulder vest like thing or a Camelbak would have worked better nad, if the latter were used, an extra source of hydration.

Once you’ve got the layout sketched on your shirt/vest/holster/camelbak, you’ll iron on the conductive fabric and sew, yes SEW, the rest of the components on. I realize this may be the scariest, most time-consuming part. I wouldn’t be opposed to trying hot glue. Test it out. You may need to adjust if your new Slouch Alert system is constantly vibrating you.

For we who sit all day at a desk, this is a much-needed device–just learning about it has me sitting up straighter. I realize it might be a little fashionable for you, and you’re quite pleased with the trends you’ve set already, but let us know if you try this one out. Lara has made all the resources for the project available on the Instructables project. Check out her other projects too.


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