We may not all have a complete scientific understanding on how radio frequency identification (RFID) works, but we do know it plays an integral role in how our credit and debit cards transmit data, and includes our passports and driver’s licenses.

Should someone happen to use an RFID scanner without your knowledge, they can easily gain access to your personal information, bank accounts, and the potentially other info beyond that access.

RFID blocking has been around for a long time now, with specialized wallets and sleeves incorporating the technology into their material, but those solutions tend to be large, replacing your wallet, satchel, or bag to wrap your RFID enabled card within. The VoidScan Skeleton Card changes that.

The VoidScan RFID jamming card may take up more space in your wallet, but it is a lot cheaper AND shows you how RFID blocking technology actually works.


You use the card as you expect you would. By storing this baby in your wallet or over a card you are using, you can prevent the intentional or unintentional scanning of your RFID-enabled cards. Wallets up to 1.6 inches (4cm) thick are fully protected from all sides, while contactless tap payments can be done as long as the VoidScan is 16cm away from the card you are using.


Of course, you can’t see the RFID blocking tech while it’s in your wallet or far from one of your cards, but taking the VoidScan out and putting it over a credit card as you use it reveals just how it works.


The transparent design of the VoidScan lets you see the small RFID microchip, transmitter wire, and antenna setup inside which jams incoming RFID signals at a 13.56MHz frequency, preventing your cards from being scanned without your knowledge. It’s a neat little feature, one which lets you feel smug as you explain to your friends how RFID jamming works with the card in your hand.

The VoidScan has already been fully funded on Kickstarter, but you can still check out the rest of its features and specifications there if you want to know more.


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