Although not everybody is a fan of electric cars and motorcycles, it’s hard to deny that some of the most exciting transportation design concepts in recent memory have been coming from those that are further exploring this new frontier – a frontier that allows designers to strip away many of the components that are necessary for ‘archaic’ gas-powered vehicles.

Among others, French industrial designer Martin Hulin recently designed an electric motorcycle concept that takes its influence from both traditional café racers and sustainable materials.

The ‘e-raw’. which was born out of Hulin’s desire to “cultivate the values ​​of authenticity, readability, usability and sustainability in substance and in form,” was designed to, among other features, leave all of the structural elements of the machine visible similar to make the machine “easier to read”.


“The polemic tends to place mechanics and electrics in opposition,” explains Hulin. “The idea of the e-raw project is to bring the two dimensions into harmony: employ electrics to deploy mechanics.


In addition to implementing a certain level of transparency into the bike’s design, Hulin also made use of molded wood – more than 80 layers – to create a one-of-a-kind shock-absorbing seat. As for the batteries, the tubular steel bike frame features internal storage compartments for storing them invisibly.


“At the start of the e-raw project, my will was to cultivate a direct relationship to matter and to confront the dream to reality by fabricating a prototype,” says Hulin.


“Four craftsmen have helped me realize this bike. Together, we worked hand raw materials such as metal and wood to build this bike.”

Although the bike currently exists as a single custom-build project, those interested can find out more by heading over to Hulin’s website.


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