When it comes to athletic footwear design, it can be difficult to wade through various marketing campaigns that tout various foot support or material innovations and the actual innovations themselves.

With that being said, the actual innovations truly are groundbreaking when they end up in a finished and deliverable product – oftentimes shaving seconds off of track times or adding inches to a vertical leap.

The upcoming release of their ACE15 and X15 football (soccer) boots marks one of those true groundbreaking innovations for Adidas; they’re so confident about them that they’ve even discontinued the production of other consistently top-selling football boot lines that have been successful for years to make room on retail shelves.


Designed for “specialists in chaos” as “the ultimate weapon for the game’s most dangerous players,” the boots incorporate a number of new technologies that the German brand has been working on over the past few years into two different styles for different types of players.


While the ACE15 includes a ‘control web’ and a new stud configuration that allows for faster sprinting, the X15 is a lightweight “three-layered” system designed for comfort, protection and performance.






Both the Adidas Ace and Adidas X will be worn publicly for the first time in Berlin during the Champions League Final between Juventus and Barcelona on Saturday June 6. They will be available for worldwide purchase starting July 1st.


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