3D Model-to-Print (3DMTP) is a cloud-based 3D printing service for Architects and Developers that need to take their 3D models and 3D print them quickly and painlessly. After 3 years of development and testing 3DMTP has perfected an algorithm that makes it easier for users to upload their CAD files and sent to them tout suite. Laying out a 3D printed city and stomping around to re-enact your favourite scene from Godzilla has never been easier!

Fab my CAD Quicker

3DMTP solves a problem that has been a thorn in the side of 3D Printing. I don’t know how many 3D printing companies I’ve had interactions with (hint: all of them) that deal with holes or self-intersection surfaces of user-submitted work. 3DM2P is following the same path as Sculpteo and other companies that aim to automate the whole checking process.

3DMTP is dedicated to making 3D scaled models printable and available to every architect, developer, and designer at a reasonable price. The innovation is based on cutting-edge algorithms which study the geometric structure of the model, then identify and automatically fix problems that would have prevented it from successfully printing. “We are committed to providing a state of the art experience that will simplify and enable seamless execution of 3D architectural scale model creation,” comments Ilan Sidi, CTO of 3DMTP and the pioneer of the technology.

STLs are fine for single colour printing, but what about multi-colour printing? There are new non-proprietary file formats like the Additive Manufacturing Format, developed by Hod Lipson at Cornell University. Until ATF becomes the lingua franca of 3D printing, Architects and Draftsmen can count on 3DMTP.

3DMTP is a tad different from all those cloud-based 3D printing companies like Shapeways because they’re concentrating on Architectural scale models and not much else. Perhaps this will be the future of such an industry, where specialization of 3D printing is based on what CAD files, software and industry you work within?

Source: 3DMTP