Destiny 2 was under scrutiny in 2023 due to countless issues: Lightfall’s shallow campaign story, an increase in microtransactions, and a general feeling of burnout over the seasonal model. With each season and each DLC, the game becomes larger and more complex, which can be intimidating for newcomers interested in the game. For example, the game’s post-launch content includes small expansion packs, large expansions, and premium content packs available through the Annual Pass, which follows Destiny 2’s seasonal model. The same goes for PvP content that players must complete to unlock Trials of Osiris unique quest. Obviously, this is not an easy task, so many gamers decide to order a professional trials carry boost in order to successfully complete this quest.

In any case, despite the game’s difficult times, the layoff of about 100 company employees, and other shortcomings, Destiny 2 has stood the test of time better than most live-service games, which is a testament to its strengths. Bungie has assured all players, old and new, that the game is in good hands and that about 650 dedicated employees are working on its future. Therefore, if you decide to play this top MMORPG looter game for the first time and find out how to quickly start, then this article will be useful for you.

#1 — Determine Which DLCs to Purchase

Although the basic game in Destiny 2 is free to play, the bulk of the game’s content is found in its DLCs, which are referred to as expansions, as well as its Seasonal Passes. There’s a lot of extra premium stuff, such as Silver and cosmetic bundles, that novice players can comfortably ignore. However, there are also many cool items that deserve attention.

To begin, athletes should think about investing in the current season. Seasonal activities are typically beginner-friendly and offer considerably more unique PVE opportunities as of 2023. When finished, they also provide a plethora of goodies, such as powerful weapons and varied armor.

As of 2023, users can also buy the Destiny 2 Legacy Collection, which includes the three most recent big additions (save the newest): Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and Witch Queen. These campaigns will not only immerse players in Destiny 2’s mythology and backstory, but they will also include weapons, gear, new locations, and, with Beyond Light, a new subclass – Stasis.

#2 — Finish all of the New Light Quests

When players first enter the game, they will be greeted by multiple quests from NPCs such as Shaw Han, Drifter, Lord Shaxx, and Ikora. These are game introductory quests to the primary activities as well as the guardian skills; therefore, completing them all is highly recommended. The rewards are also pretty impressive. Once the tasks are finished, Ikora will award players with multiple Exotic armor pieces, and Shaw Han will grant players one of their first Exotic weapons.

#3 — Purchase Nothing – Apart from Bounties

Players will have few resources when they first start. The game’s cash, known as Glimmer, is given out by opponents, quests, vaults, and other items. Other resources, such as Ascendant Shards, Legendary Shards, and so on, are also needed to buy some of the things that may be found on vendors in the Tower, which is the hub of the game.

Despite the allure, throughout the first time in the game, players won’t have to purchase anything until a quest expressly asks them to. The only investment that makes sense is bounties, which provide a player with experience points and can be obtained from vendors like Commander Zavala, Lord Shaxx, and Banshee-44. Bounties are a wise investment because new players will want to grind XP.

#4 — Begin a Campaign

The strength of Destiny 2 lies in its campaigns and the narrative they convey. If a player decides to invest in an expansion, they should aim to finish their campaign as quickly as possible. Beyond Light is a good place to start because the campaign is interesting and has wonderful cutscenes, and the rewards provide a new subclass that players may try out.

The Witch Queen is an excellent choice for those looking for a compelling plot and a lengthier campaign filled with hard twists and turns. This campaign can also be played at Legendary difficulty, making it ideal for newbies who want to challenge themselves right away.

#5 — Concentrate on Acquiring Powerful Armor

Players in Destiny 2 level up by increasing their light level, which is displayed as a large number on the character screen. Higher power enables players to survive better in some activities where foes are limited to a specific degree of strength, and these activities tend to provide greater rewards. As a result, the obvious priority here is to increase that number.

Players will obtain gear with a specified power number by performing various activities. Always equip the most powerful armor pieces, especially during the first hours of playing the game. Players will eventually reach a cap. In order to maintain leveling up, they will need to finish increasingly challenging tasks indicated with Powerful or Pinnacle (a tiny, sparkling golden symbol) prizes. For the time being, though, players are free to finish whatever task they choose and are not required to min-max.

#6 — Keep All Weapons Assembled

While armor can be upgraded quickly, players who are concerned about long-term effectiveness should keep their favorite weapons and gear to upgrade later on with resources. At first, they may not care whether perks are fantastic or which firearms are meta, but they may unintentionally ruin something truly great.

New players can store and play with newly acquired weapons in the 600 available storage slots (accessible through the Tower). Once they feel confident in their level of gaming knowledge, they can check the hidden weapons and discard the less effective ones. Keep in mind that grey and green gear can always be dismantled.

#7 — Focusing On One Character

Most Destiny 2 gamers have all three character slots filled, with one place for each class. While it may be tempting, novice players should simply concentrate on learning one class for the first few hours of the game and leveling that character up to the first soft cap. Once this is completed, they can create a new character and immediately adjust their new character’s strength level to be slightly higher by using some of the lighter weapons they won on their previous character.

Final Say

Despite its challenges, Destiny 2 stands the test of time. While Bungie looks for ways to bring the iconic game back to its former glory, new players are stepping into the fast-paced MMORPG looter game armed with the knowledge of how to thrive in its expansive universe. If you are at the beginning of your gaming journey, this guide will help you quickly master Destiny 2. From choosing DLC wisely to running compelling campaigns, every step builds a formidable Guardian. Prioritize your armor, store your weapons carefully, manage resources wisely, and improve your skills with one character.