Making videos is a great way to express yourself, inform people, or just do entertaining things on the record. Thanks to technology, anyone can now create their own videos and capture the things we love to share with the world.

Video-sharing platforms, such as YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo, and even Facebook, have taken the world by storm. In fact, people have been watching 1 billion hours of YouTube content every day. Meanwhile, TikTok had at least 1.2 billion monthly active users in Q4 of 2021 and counting.

As more people venture into creating videos for entertainment, spreading information, educating viewers, or video marketing purposes, adding voice-over to the videos is a great way to convey your message. Moreover, a voice-over video can attract and reach more viewers.

Why Should You Add Voice-Over?

As its name implies, a voice-over is audio added to a video to narrate or share information about the captured video. Video creators usually add this during the post-production process for different purposes, such as narrating documentation, providing commentaries, and adding character dialogues to films.

Here are some of the reasons why it is best to add voice-over to your videos:

Easier Understanding

Voice-over provides clarification for visual elements in the video. It helps convey the creator’s message and allows easier absorption of information for the audience.

Emphasize Information Well

The right voice-over can emphasize the points the video creator wants and make an emotional impact to win over some audience. In this way, the video can be more engaging and entertaining.

Reach Wider Audience

Creating videos with voice-over has higher accessibility. Some people don’t even watch a video but only listen to the audio, and this is where the voice-over plays a vital role. Visually impaired individuals also rely on voice-over videos for information or entertainment.

Market Better

Video marketing uses videos to invite potential customers to a brand’s product or services. Voice-over adds a touch of professionalism and polishes the video for an effective marketing tool or a source of information.

3-Step Guide to Make Cool Videos with Voice-Over

Almost all of us can create a video today. With just a mobile phone, we can capture moments we want to keep or share. But usually, video content creators make videos to get an audience or market a brand.

As there is intense competition in video-sharing platforms today to get viewers, adding a voice-over might be the missing element to capture the audience. So here is how to make a cool video and add voice-over in just 3 steps:

Step #1: Prepare the Video

Video editing tools today can easily create a voice-over video. But first, you need to prepare the video that you want to have a voice-over.

As mentioned earlier, a voice-over is usually a post-production process. It is best to add the voice-over after the video is completely edited. That way, it can be more efficient as the recording of the voice-over can be done without any interruption.

Step #2: Add Voice-Over

After preparing the video and putting it into the video editing tool, you can use the recording function to record your voice. But make sure that your device’s microphone captures audio well without background noise ruining the recording.

If you like to be straightforward and authentic, you can just record your voice-over without a script. But for highly technical things, it might be better to prepare a script so that the voice-over addition will be fast and smooth.

After recording, the audio usually appears as a separate track. Make the necessary adjustments to sync the voice-over and the video elements appearing on the screen.

Step #3: Save and Upload 

After synching the voice-over and the video, don’t forget to review the video many times to meet your standards.

If you want, you can also add captions to the voice-over to enhance the audience experience once they view the video. There might be auto-caption tools available on the video editor, or you can rely on third-party auto-captioning tools.

Once you are satisfied with the voice-over, you can just save the video and keep it for personal view or upload it for the world to see.

Final Thoughts

Videos are now part of our everyday life. Many people spend hours on the phone or computer to view fun or informational videos. If you love creating videos, maybe now is the best time to venture and enjoy sharing them with the world.

But with many video uploads every day, one possible way to reach an audience and enhance the quality of your videos is by adding a voice-over. Aside from reaching a wider audience, it can provide an easier understanding of your content, emphasize information well, and make video marketing better.

With the three easy and doable steps provided in this article, hopefully, you can make a cool video with a voice-over that will meet your standards and be enjoyed by your viewers.