This is a new one: instead of making a unique project of his own, YouTuber The Q’s latest endeavor takes inspiration from none other than Homer Simpson himself.

In one of the older Simpsons episodes, the iconic yellow lug creates a chair he claims no one can fall from. Rather than buying or making a reclining seat, Homer simply adds two extra legs with hinges to the back of a common chair.

But will it work in real life? That’s what The Q aims to find out.

Building a Backrest

homer simpson chair

Instead of renovating one of his typical chairs at home, The Q makes one from scratch so it will exactly resemble the one Homer uses in the TV program. He glues a couple of wood pieces together and clamps them tight to create one big chunk that he can turn into the chair’s backrest.

Carving Out the Design

homer simpson chair

Homer’s chair is red and has three spikes on the top, so The Q puts this design onto a piece of cardboard that will serve as a stencil in carving out the wood. Once the backrest is cut out, he takes it to a belt sander before drilling the holes for the pegs which will connect it to the rest of the chair.

Connecting Chair Parts Before Painting

homer simpson chair

Off-screen, The Q makes the extra appendages that make up the chair such as the legs, seat, and the connecting pieces of the backrest. He then connects these together using tons of wood glue, some wooden pegs, and a very loud mallet.

Finally, he adds the iconic Simpsons backrest and spray-paints the entire chair red.

Adding Extra Legs

homer simpson chair

This is the coup de grâce of this crazy chair. Adding the extra back legs is as easy as adding some hinges to ends and screwing them onto the chair. Just like in Homer’s masterpiece, these wooden appendages aren’t painted to make them look like they were tacked on with as little effort as possible.

Testing It Out

homer simpson chair

Looking at it now, it might have been better if The Q added at least one piece of wood in-between the legs to keep them together. Seeing those legs flail in the open air isn’t the most assuring sight you want to see from a chair you’re about to lean back on.

Thankfully, gravity and The Q’s weight keep the extra legs sturdy as they hit the ground. With the extra elevation this chair offers, you can certainly assert your dominance at the dining table as you gorge on donuts.

The Q’s YouTube channel is full of quirky and fun DIY projects, not all of which are as dangerous as Homer Simpson’s creations. So, you better check it out for more awesome videos!


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