It doesn’t necessarily take a car nut to stop and stare at a cool vintage car. In fact, it can easily become an instant conversation-starter; a timeless way to break the ice. This attraction to the classics is exactly what watchmaker Willer Chronometers is going for.

Inspired by old-school sportscars and the Mile Miglia open-road motorsport races, these timepieces look like they were made during a time when exhaust emissions and high gas prices were issues for future generations to worry about.

Willer Watches

At its core, this watch is a revamped Seiko NH35 with automotive decals. There are design patterns on the dial which look like brake distance traces and a red area on the lower right which mimics the area on the speedometer you should never—at least, in crowded areas— bring the needle to. The shell is car-inspired as well; with the outer rim of the case looking like a tire wheel and the setting dial on the side resembling a tire rim.

Willer Watches

What will really get people to notice that this piece is sportscar-inspired are the Italian leather straps which have the red and black colors of a typical speedster car. It’s a subtle design choice, but one which makes a big difference when it comes to aesthetics. Additional features include a green lume, which provides illumination in low light areas, volume indexes styles in a retro font, and a butterfly clasp.

Willer Watches

It seems folks really dig this old-time aesthetic, as the WIller watches have already exceeded their Kickstarter goal of $23,140. As of writing, the project currently has funding of $55,652 with well over a month to go in the campaign. You can find out more on this timeless timepiece over on the Willer Kickstarter page.


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