verticulture_logo.jpgThere’s a few products out there that I think are exceptional for the problems they address. Typically, its a fancy electronic consumer product that promises to save more time or remove hair or whatever.

Recently I’ve been seeing products that are designed to save space. The Verticulture planter concept is one of my favorite. It’s the brainchild of Industrial Design Engineering students Arthur Schmitt, Sian Smyth, Lucy Helme, and Marek Bereza.

A marketable product
I’m finding myself attracted to the idea of smaller household items becoming more common. The huge TV Console is nearly obsolete with Flat screens around. No matter how large the room, small spaces and what goes in them can be used to redefine how the room is used.

This geometric and modular idea could be used in a small apartment or line the entire wall of a greenhouse. The options make it possible to create your own versions and the plants you choose are gonna give it just the look you want, if you dont’ kill them. I’m looking forward to this product going to market.

If your interested in the Industrial Design program that brought them together and spawned this idea, check out the Royal College of Art – Industrial Design Engineering site.


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