If you ever thought your tent was a little too small and uncomfortable to enjoy the outdoors, then this RV/Tiny Home option from Haaks Camper may spark your interest.

Designed to fit on the back of a specialized Fiat Ducato, this two-story, pop-up camper doubles as a tiny home that can detach to provide a go-anywhere cabin and allow you to use the truck for hauling or exploring:

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Once you’ve found your ideal camping spot, sets of hydraulic legs under the camper prop it up and allow it to stand on its own. You can then use the truck to haul other items to your campsite, such as bikes, food supplies, or maybe your extended family. Hop on, Gramps.

haaks camper

The camper itself measures 158 x 90 x 99 inches and has a hinged, pop-up roof where the loft bed is located. This hinged ceiling is our favorite part; it’s an interesting design element to provide you with more vertical space, more lighting, and a separate sleeping space.

haaks camper

It also frees up the first floor, where you find a fully furnished kitchen (complete with a sink, stovetop, and fridge), a living room, and a bathroom all sitting snugly in a compact space. The electrical appliances and light fixtures are powered via a 360-ah lithium-ion battery, while the water systems work using onboard water tanks and a water heater.

haaks camper

But if you think you’ll feel isolated living in this miniature house, then you haven’t seen the back wall which opens out to give you complete exposure to the outdoors.

haaks camper

The siding and walls, and the construction in general, are specially designed to resist rot for at least 25 years. It can also be fitted with a pair of glass doors, just in case you would like to close off the outdoors while still keeping it visable.

If you include the Fiat Ducato which (let’s face it) is integral to moving the Haaks Camper from place to place, the whole setup will cost you around $143,375 USD. That’s a might more than what you’ll spend on a tent but if you want to sleep under the stars in luxury, you can find more details on the Haaks Camper webpage (note: the page is in Dutch).


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