You may have built the London Tower Bridge using LEGOS three times over, but having a structure made of solid bricks just doesn’t have the same *oomph* as a real bridge with cables keeping their towers from collapsing on each other.

The Mola Structural Kit 3 is the third incarnation of Mola’s modular systems which are made to teach structural behavior and construction. Using a combination of magnetic connectors, cables, and bars, you can make your own structures and see if they hold up to today’s building standards.

The kit is designed so even those without a degree in engineering can play around with the pieces. You can either follow the included manual to build some predefined structures or make your own metal monstrosities. Seeing as the third kit includes even more pieces (235 to be exact) than past iterations, you can get even crazier with your building or bridge designs than ever before.

mola structural kit 3

This particular structural kit focuses on cables and cable connectors. Included in the Mola Structural Kit 3 is 3 meters of cable which can be used to build bridges and suspended structures. Using the “cutting tool” provided (which is obviously a nail cutter), you can easily measure and cut the required amount needed for your project. The cables fit perfectly with the connectors and the metal bars they support, plus you can reuse previously cut cables by snapping on a linear cable joint.

According to creator Marcio Sequeira, the idea for the Mola Structural Kits came to him during structural classes in university. Since most of the ideas taught to students came in the form of abstract theories, he wanted to create a physical tool which could help anyone interested in the behavior of structures craft and test their own miniature buildings.

mola structural kit 3

Mola launched and successfully funded Structural Kit 3 via a Kickstarter campaign, where it hit over $300,000 in funding from 1,144 backers. Not too shabby. You can find more details and their three kits on the Mola website.


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